Tesla’s innovative electric cars now revolutionize transportation in Dubai, offering luxury, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology to its residents.


Properly charging Tesla cars is crucial for maximizing their efficiency and longevity. To ensure optimal performance and battery health, we’ve developed comprehensive guidelines for charging.

To charge your Tesla car, follow these steps:

Opening the Charge Port:

  • Park your Tesla Model 3 and ensure the charge cable can reach the port.
  • Press the button on the Tesla charge cable or use touchscreen controls to open the charge port door.
  • Align the connector with the charge port and insert fully.

Plugging In:

  • Plug the appropriate adapter into the vehicle’s charging port.
  • Connect the station’s charging connector to the adapter.
  • Charging begins automatically after Model 3 engages the latch, shifts into Park, and adjusts Battery temperature if needed.

During Charging:

  • Monitor real-time charging status on the touchscreen.
  • Note the charge port light color indicating charging status.
  • Be aware of sounds and possible steam emission, especially in cold weather.
  • Avoid spraying liquid at the charge port while charging.

Stopping Charging:

  • Stop charging by disconnecting the charge cable or using touchscreen controls.
  • Ensure the charge cable latch is unlocked before disconnecting.
  • You can also stop charging using the Tesla application, which will suspend charging for a short period of time allowing the user to remove the charging cable

Manually Releasing Charge Cable (if necessary):

  • If standard release methods fail, follow cautious steps to manually release the charge cable.

For fast charging, consider Legend EV Chargers. These chargers provide several benefits for Tesla owners:

Fast Charging: Legend EV Chargers offer rapid charging capabilities, allowing Tesla vehicles to charge quickly, especially when battery levels are low.

Preconditioning: Legend EV Chargers support preconditioning of the high-voltage Battery, optimizing its temperature for faster charging.

Convenience: Legend EV Chargers are strategically located and easily accessible, making them convenient for Tesla owners on the go.

Safety: Legend EV Chargers are designed with safety features to ensure a secure and reliable charging experience, reducing the risk of electric shock or damage to the vehicle.

Monitoring: Legend EV Chargers may provide monitoring capabilities, allowing Tesla owners to track their charging progress remotely through mobile apps or other means.

In conclusion, charging your Tesla car is a straightforward process, and utilizing Legend EV Chargers can enhance the speed and convenience of charging, ensuring a seamless experience for Tesla owners.

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