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Maximizing Revenue with Smart Charge Points

Maximizing Revenue with Smart EV Charge Points – Unlocking the Potential of Legend ES

In the era of electric mobility, setting up a charge point isn’t just about powering vehicles; it’s an opportunity to generate revenue and elevate the charging experience. With Legend ES, you can open your charge points to the public on your terms, creating a seamless and profitable charging ecosystem.

EV Car Charging Station

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BENEFITS OF INSTALLING Public EV Charging Stations

 Setting up charge points with Legend ES is not just a necessity; it’s a strategic move to maximize revenue, enhance user experience, and contribute to the future of electric mobility. Unlock the potential of your charge points and embark on a journey towards a sustainable and profitable charging network.

Public Accessibility, Personalized Control

Legend ES offers a proven system that allows you to expose your charging points to the public while maintaining control. Choose from a variety of modes, including Semi-Public, Member Fee, and Public & Private mode. Tailor the access and usage of your charge points for members, guests, and other EV drivers, ensuring a customized and secure experience.

User-Friendly Initiators

Empower non-Legend users to start charging effortlessly by scanning QR codes with Legend ES. Accept various forms of payment, including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, making the charging process seamless and convenient for a broad user base.

App Clips for Instant Charging

Introduce the revolutionary App Clips feature, enabling EV drivers to charge and pay without downloading the app. Simplify the user experience and attract a wider audience by offering convenient alternatives for quick and hassle-free charging

Payment Options and Promotions

Provide users with flexibility by accepting payments through Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit cards, team wallets, or charge keys. Introduce promotional codes to incentivize users with redeemable discounts , enhancing the appeal of your charging points.

Smart Charging for Efficiency

Configure your charge points with Legend ES to initiate charging based on specific conditions. Optimize charging times by considering factors such as low electricity prices, low CO2 emissions, or a high proportion of renewable energy in the grid. Stay ahead with intelligent and eco-friendly charging solutions.

Roaming Integration for Increased Visibility

Maximize the visibility of your charge points by integrating with popular EV charging apps through roaming. Legend ES ensures that your charge points become more accessible to EV drivers, attracting a broader customer base and enhancing revenue potential.

Transparent Bookkeeping and Monitoring

Monitor payments, bills, and expenses directly within the Legend ES Wallet for easy bookkeeping. Keep a transparent record of your charging transactions, ensuring a smooth financial management process.

Charge Point Customization and Security Features

Personalize your charge point configurations according to your preferences, including pricing and accessibility options. Legend ES prioritizes security, ensuring that your charge points are always up-to-date with the latest firmware.

Upgradeable Modular System for Future Growth

Stay ahead of customer demand with Legend ES's upgradeable modular system. Scale your charging infrastructure as needed, adapting to the evolving landscape of electric mobility.

Dynamic Load Management and Easy Serviceability

Opt for dynamic load management options to distribute electricity efficiently without additional amperage costs. With Legend ES, enjoy easy serviceability with power electronics modules designed for a single-person lift.

We are Qualified & Professional

Legend Energy Solution is a leading energy solutions company that provides high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to meet the diverse energy needs of businesses and individuals.


 Yes, all public and private organizations as well as developers in the Emirate of Dubai must obtain approvals from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) before initiating any activities related to the establishment, installation, operation, or maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations.

Prior approvals from DEWA are required for the setup, installation, operation, and maintenance of any electric vehicle charging station in Dubai. These approvals are mandatory for both public and private entities involved in the establishment of charging infrastructure.

 Yes, the process for obtaining approvals from DEWA involves submitting detailed documentation related to the proposed electric vehicle charging station. This documentation typically includes plans for installation, operation, and maintenance, as well as adherence to regulatory and safety standards set by DEWA.

Yes, the proposed electric vehicle charging station must meet the criteria set by DEWA, which includes compliance with technical specifications, safety standards, and regulatory requirements. Meeting these criteria is essential for obtaining the necessary permissions for the establishment of the charging infrastructure.

Steps to Obtain DEWA Permission for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  1. Register on MoIAT Website: Start by registering on the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoIAT) website, the platform through which DEWA processes applications. Ensure all required information is accurately provided during the registration process.

  2. Apply for a Certificate of Conformity: Once registered, proceed to submit an application for a Certificate of Conformity for your electric vehicle charging station. This certificate signifies that your station complies with the standards and regulations set by DEWA.

  3. Upload the Required Documents: Prepare and upload all necessary documents as per DEWA’s requirements. These documents may include detailed plans for installation, operation, and maintenance, along with any other documentation that demonstrates compliance with technical specifications and safety standards.

  4. Pay the Fees: Pay the applicable fees for processing your application. DEWA typically charges fees for the evaluation and approval process. Ensure prompt payment to avoid delays in the processing of your application.

  5. Await Document Review: After submitting your application and paying the fees, your documents will undergo a thorough review by DEWA. This process ensures that your electric vehicle charging station plans meet all necessary criteria and adhere to regulatory standards.

  6. Notification of Certificate Approval: If your product fulfills all the requirements and successfully passes the document review, the system will notify you that your Certificate of Conformity has been approved. This notification serves as confirmation that your electric vehicle charging station is compliant with DEWA standards.

  7. Obtain a Certificate of Conformity: Once notified of the approval, proceed to obtain the official Certificate of Conformity from DEWA. This certificate is a crucial document indicating that your electric vehicle charging station has received the necessary permissions and meets the regulatory standards set by DEWA.

It’s important to note that the steps outlined here may be subject to change, and it is advisable to check with DEWA or MoIAT for the latest information and any additional requirements. Additionally, maintain open communication with DEWA throughout the process to address any queries or concerns that may arise during the application and approval stages.

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