About Legend EV Charger

Legend Energy Solutions

Legend Energy Solutions, a key entity within the Legend Holding Group, stands poised to lead the green energy industry. Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering pioneering and sustainable solutions that transcend industry standards. With a focus on enriching customer experiences, we envision a future where sustainability is seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life. By harnessing the power of our dedicated team, cutting-edge products, and services backed by the latest technology, Legend Energy Solutions strives to be the go-to source for those seeking a greener and environmentally responsible tomorrow.

Legend Energy Solutions

Legend Holding Group

Legend Holding Group is a Dubai-based Holding company. Our expertise lies in spotting businesses with winning potential in emerging and international markets.

We operate on a concept-to-realization philosophy of identifying ideas and ambitions and turning them into reality with a laser-beam focus on investment strategies that accelerate business growth and support entrepreneurship in the region.

Managed by a conscientious and data-driven board of directors and fund managers, our team is well qualified to navigate through the complexity of businesses in varied sectors and understand their performance potential for sustainable returns.

Currently headquartered at Business Bay, in Dubai, Legend Holding Group has established an impressive investment track record in diverse businesses with investments in growth sectors including Oil Field services, automotive and parts export, luxury car enhancement, industrial equipment, and hospitality niches.

The satisfaction and trust of our stakeholders and partners speak for themselves through our transparent and mutually advantageous partnership which is crucial for excelling in today’s competitive global markets.


To be the leader in green energy industry by providing innovative sustainable solutions.


Our Mission is to enrich customer experience
by creating sustainable future through our people, products, services with best practices and latest technology.

Our Core Values


L - Loyalty

Commit to do the best for the customers and company with honesty, transparency and integrity.

E - Excellence

Strive for excellence through every action to exceed customers’ expectation

G - Growth

Exploit every opportunity to learn, improve and innovate continuously with growth mindset

E - Energetic

Work with purpose and passion to achieve the goals.

N - Nimble

Take agile actions in a dynamic environment

D - Dignity

Dignity - Respect, value and care for each other