Legend Green Energy Solutions

EV Charger Accessories

Enhance your electric vehicle (EV) charging experience with Legend EV Charging Solutions, offering a range of cutting-edge accessories designed for convenience and efficiency. Our product lineup includes the EV Charge Solutions Cable Dock, J-Hook, and J1772 Holster, providing secure storage solutions for your charging cables. Explore the NEMA 5-15 to 6-20 Power Adapter for Portable EV Charger, ensuring compatibility with various charging standards. For organized cable management, our Heavy Duty 9″ Wall Hook and EZ-Pull Cable Retractor offer practical solutions. Additionally, our Universal Pedestals, available in different sizes, and the Retractor Pedestal – Single and Dual configurations, provide versatile and space-saving charging options. Experience the future of EV charging with Legend’s top-quality accessories, enhancing functionality while ensuring a sleek and organized charging station setup.